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Seeking someone with shared interests

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This typology was devised by Carmen Lynch, M. Victor Daniels, Professor of Psychology at Sonoma State University took notes on a talk in which she described it, added two and a few additional ideas, and wrote it down in the form in which it is presented here. We can cause ourselves needless distress by comparing our own relationships with such an idea of what a relationship "should be like" and then concluding that seeking someone with shared interests own is defective by comparison.

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The old fights have become boring or tiresome.

At the same time, a wtih relationship may still have characteristics of one or more of the types of relationships described above. Co-dependent relationships can also exist at more sophisticated levels.

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Strong feelings of insecurity tend to play a central role. A white woman reports, "I had a healing relationship with a black man.

It says, "This is how it is for these people ingerests this point in time. This typology was devised by Carmen Lynch, M. Can we find other sources of connection besides the surface personality traits and social roles that originally brought us together?

The Virtues and Downsides of Online Dating

If they are willing to hear the other's statement that, "I meant something quite different by that than you inferred," then confronting and letting go of mistaken or counterproductive patterns transferred from the old relationship onto the new one can be an important source of psychological growth, and may lead to an enduring relationship that works. The focus is on how it is experienced, how it is working and filling felt needs, and how each person has the personal responsibility of seeking someone with shared interests o relate in lanarkshire escort rather than destructive interdsts.

Partners actively encourage each others' creativity and growth in new directions, and encourage the partner to pursue personal interests with which they themselves have little connection.

Despite all this, they are getting something out of it. He has the "right" kind of job and she is the "right" kind of wife and they have the "right" kind of house or apartment or condo in the "right" place. Or it may involve people just coming out of a relationship who are afraid of still more of the painful feelings of loss, mourning and failure that often accompany splitting up.

Most real relationships are a little of this and a seeking someone with shared interests of that.

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A person may seek another's validation of his or her physical attractiveness, intellect, social status, sexuality, wealth, or some other attribute. While both are monogamous, they are almost celibate. One of the sources of validation they originally had in common has broken. In an acceptance relationship we trust, support and enjoy each other. Often the relationship is subtly or openly hostile and abusive.

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Even going into an ice cream parlor and seeking someone with shared interests for someoone ice cream can be perceived as threatening if both of them have always ordered chocolate. The money doesn't do what she thought it would. After the trauma of his "idyllic" marriage of ten years seekkng in his face, Jim kept a continuing series of avoidance relationships going for almost fifteen years, until he finally allowed himself to trust enough to open up in a fuller way again.

Participants typically feel wounded and fearful. They may have little tolerance for independence and aloneness, and "go everywhere together and do everything together.

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It's not a major issue when one person doesn't want to follow an old program, such as what to do on Easter. Sometimes the ending of such relationships is a of growth by one person or by both. When our expectations lisbon ny adult personals seeking someone with shared interests overwhelming, when the differences between our interests and inclinations are not too dissonant, and when our combative instincts are not too strong, a scripted relationship can evolve into an acceptance relationship.

A man who has always chosen partners emotionally seeking someone with shared interests to his mother, for example, may try being with someone very different. If indooroopilly escort relationship ends rather than moving into a different form, the ending tends to be supportive rather than traumatic, perhaps as a gradual growing away from each other.

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For instance, a woman whose first husband lied to her constantly, forcing her to rely on her intuitive sense of what was really going on, became seeking someone with shared interests with a man who was basically honest but whose love of drama led to exaggeration. They were together for about two years, sharing that stage of their lives. They don't try new things, don't find a way to discuss where to go on vacation. bletchley escorts

A validation relationship can further the valuable goal of shoring up a person's self-esteem in areas where he or she has felt inadequate or doubtful. Valerie says, "Eventually Dave and Interestw both realized we didn't have to be phony as our major priority. The "working through" process in these relationships demands an ability to tolerate ambiguities.

Why Dating People With Common Interests Is Great!

Gentleness, support, and comfort rather than great passion characterize such relationships. These liasons follow periods of loss, struggle, deprivation, stress, or mourning. In either case, a clearer perception our present existential reality can help us move toward doing a better job of meeting our own and often the other person's needs.

These are "trying it out" relationships. By external criteria the partners may appear to be misfits, sometimes greatly so.

He re-met hood sweetheart, married her, and I sold them my bed. They are often very child-focused.

They're willing to wait and independent edinburgh escort how their shred evolve rather than program most goals in advance. Everyone is getting seeking someone with shared interests at the same time: The parents are growing up while they're raising the children. If no deeper basis for connecting materializes and the partners drift apart, there is a strong chance that the needs for validation have been met and the partners have begun seeking something different.

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As the relationship continues, one person may continue to require validation while the other starts wanting something deeper. The connection feels better than being seeking someone with shared interests or institutionalized. In these relationships differences often take the form of power struggles. They may divorce in their forties after twenty-five years someoone marriage, often because when the kids are gone, so is most of what held them together.

They are usually play-oriented rather than work-oriented, with plenty of recreation, trips together, and other ways of indulging each other.

When this happens, both partners are apt to feel betrayed, empty, and angry. They said such things as, "Yes, that's what's going on with us!