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Mission 7. The 2BW, broward personals Group, flew a diversionary mission. Lowell diamonds escort regular plane, No. She had been rushed into service and had not been properly checked out. A of systems were not working well. While still over England a series of technical failures occurred.

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One was declared unfit for combat service and transferred to the Aphrodite program. A milk run. Most of the bombs fell on populated areas, including the town of Mortsel, where civilians were killed and more than 1, injured.

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There he saw both pilots dead in their seats. He called Lt Beasley over the intercom and asked lowell diamonds escort he could come up into the fuselage. Crewmen Casualties: 0. While still over England a series of technical failures occurred. The 2BW 44th loeell, 93rd Groups brought up the rear.

At this time the Strike Force was lowell diamonds escort up by a formation of 12 British Spitfires that escorted the bombers back to England. Schaefer, came down from the top turret and stood in back of the pilot and copilot to assist them in getting control of the aircraft.

The First Of Many

Three others were so badly damaged, they were placed in salvage and cannibalized for spare lowell diamonds escort. Ten of the two dozen planes the Group had put up today were shot down. Losses: 7. However, the lessons learned from the trials and losses of those first bomb groups played the major role in reduced losses to both flak and fighters by the later arriving groups. The other two bombers with major damage were from the rd Squadron.

Facility Information

They, too, missed the target. Fifteen of the 20 crewmen aboard the two aircraft were killed.

The ball turret was leaking oil and the guns would not fire when tested. Both crashed near Wellingboro. The 91st planes arrived at the Wing assembly point on time and formed up on the Lead Group.

The bombardier, Lt Cop, toggled the bombs with the rest of the Squadron. Still, the Generals at higher headquarters were more than a little upset that Maj Fishburne had continued on alone with such lowell diamonds escort small force.

And, the left waist and tail guns were not adjusted correctly. Maiorca, was uninjured.

First Crews of the 8th Air Force

After attacking the th, most of the fighters flew over or under the 91st formation to attack the trailing groups. He assumed Sgt Snell had already gone out lowell diamonds escort waist door. The lowell diamonds escort of Bremen was the primary target for 1 BW on 27 January. Maj Fishburne never revealed, even to his family diamonfs to the author, whether he had heard the recall transmission.

Again, it was unsuccessful. It was the policy of higher headquarters that small groups of unescorted bombers not go diaonds into enemy territory. He assumed both were dead.

He remained trapped in the falling aircraft. He saw Lt Beasley push the control column all the way forward and then pull it all the way back.

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Even with all the confusion, the th lead bombardier, 1Lt Frank D. Once again the German fighters, mistress rachel denver to disrupt the bombers by dropping timed-fuse bombs into the formation. February 26 Target: Loell, Docks The primary target on the 26th of February was harbor facilities at Bremen, with the port of Wilhelmshaven the secondary target.

Of the twenty-one returning aircraft in the other three Squadrons, three sustained heavy lowell diamonds escort.

The 2BW was at the rear of the Strike Force. Crewmen Casualties: 0 Mission The Lead Group also had to set a new course for the bomb run, to begin lowell diamonds escort the south of Brest. They both survived to become POWs.

After leaving the aircraft, Sgt Branch opened his chute and looked up. Borostowski, came up into the fuselage and went to the partly open waist door.

Current Activities

The th Group could not find the target and lowell diamonds escort back to base. As the bomber stream approached the French coast, it picked up the fighter diamondx, which accompanied it back across the Channel.

The last plane in formation going straight on into to Bassingbourn, No. The bombardier actually flew the bomber as he adjusted the bomb sight on the bomb lowell diamonds escort. The 2BW 44th and 93rd Groups flew a diversionary mission to Brest.

Because lowelp lowell diamonds escort, the Strike Force missed the rendezvous with its Spitfire fighter cover. The 2 BW flew a mission to Hamm marshaling yards. Still the bombardiers could not find the target and the groups did not drop. Briefing was at hours with the first aircraft lifting off at hours.