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In addition to three new Crucible maps plus an exclusive fourth map for PS4 and PS3 ownersBungie is shaking up the destiny house of wolves no matchmaking with more loot and more activities for high-level players. Black Shield is a medium-sized map set on Phobos. Across the board, House of Wolves aims to make Crucible a more rewarding endeavour. Not bad! The pitch: You gather your best gear and two friends to take on a punishing 3v3 Elimination challenge. The Trials of Osiris challenge opens up each Friday and closes each Sunday. These Elimination matches are tight, intense affairs where every kill counts. Take note: The Osris-themed gear is some of the best in the game.

Though Bungie says in the statement they are working on a new Raid to be released later this year which jives with a timeline anticipating a big new content drop in the fallHouse of Wolves will not have one. Without more details about what the Prison of Elders will contain, it can be hard to tell if the decision is a wise one, but obviously many fans are making up their minds already that this is a very bad thing. I talked about this a bit last month after one player managed to deduce what the Destiny community as a whole has accomplished in the grand scheme of the game. First, you have to level your character all the way to be even close the destiny house of wolves no matchmaking toughness and power needed to attempt the thing. And you have to have the time to beat the activity, which can take hours at first before you manage to condense it into a more manageable length after you learn the ropes. Casual players could play with early levels of the mode and luck out with some good drops. Hardcore players could see just how far they could get, and be rewarded with even better gear, more consistently. Given how many people have dropped out of the game in the last few months, organizing the activity as a three-man mission rather than a six-man one is also a good call.

At 10am PDT on May 19th, the highly anticipated House of Wolves expansion for Destiny will launch worldwide, bringing with it a dizzying amount of new content to Bungie's popular shooter for the 20 million players enjoying the game. House of Wolves marks the second major expansion, after The Dark Below , to be released for the game, and is the final piece of Destiny 's season pass. Offering new game modes, new missions, and more, House of Wolves is quite substantial, but fear not, as we've compiled all the relevant information for House of Wolves into one place. House of Wolves will follow the Guardians as they hunt down the titular House of Wolves Fallen group through a variety of new main missions, side quests, as well as in a brand new cooperative Strike.
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