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I have a Kutani resting cat with eyes painted open. Has a double row of what looks like signatures in a burnt red color. Ebay has a dating kutani porcelain set of seated cats with same style art work and what looks to be same signature markings and is listed as 18th century kutani. Seller can not transcribe signature but states they are 18th century Kutani. Thank you. The mark looks Kutani, but I can't translate it and we need to be double sure. Take a look at the link provided below and maybe you can contact the site owner about your mark. Thank you so much for your attention to my question reguarding my cat.

Japanese Porcelain Marks Gotheborg. Nikko Nippon Nippon Jap. The popularity of the tea ceremony from the 15th century fostered an aesthetic appreciation of ceramics, especially imported Chinese wares, which became valued as works of art. The strong demand for ceramics resulted in a surge of creativity during the Momoyama periodwith thousands of kilns developing their dating kutani porcelain distinct regional characteristics. High-fired stoneware were central to this tradition. After the Japanese invasions of Korea in anda number of skilled Korean potters who had learned from the Chinese how to produce fine porcelain, were brought back to Japan.

I would like to post what I believe is a 20th Century Kutani mark on a beautiful coffee or tea pot. How do I do that? Jerry, I only post my own pieces on my blog.
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Japanese Porcelain Marks Gotheborg. Nikko Nippon Dating kutani porcelain Jap. The two characters that make up the word Kutani consist of the character for "nine", ku and "valley". Since Kutani is a place, almost all pieces marked Kutani were decorated there even if by any of the many manufacturers or trading shops, rather than just a single factory. Many Kutani made pieces might also have just the artist's as a mark, and no location at all, leading us to also needing to look at style as a clue to the origin of a piece. The first time we hear of porcelain from the Kutani nine valleys Village, was inin the in the first year of the Myoreki epoch. Japanese ceramic history has it that stones suitable for porcelain making was found in the Kutani mine of the Daishoji Clan, whereupon Lord Maeda Toshiharu sent Goto Saijiro to the Arita Village in the Hizen province to learn how to make porcelain.

We use cookies to provide you with a good experience when you browse our website. By continuing your visit on the website, you consent to the use of cookies. You can deactivate cookies by changing the preferences on your website browser. Learn more. Kutani porcelain was made in Japan after the mid-seventeenth century. Most of the pieces found today are nineteenth-century. Collectors often use the term Kutani to refer to just the later, colorful pieces decorated with red, gold, and black pictures of warriors, animals, and birds. Collectors are often confused dating kutani porcelain the word Kutani has been used to describe other nineteenth-century porcelains, earthenwares, and stonewares—all of which may or may not be marked with the Japanese characters for "Kutani. You can sort by any title. Click on any of the top titles to sort.

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